Why did I get two bills for my radiology test: one from BJC/Boone Hospital and one from Radiology Consultants?
Every radiology exam has two parts: the hospital part for the hospital staff and equipment, and the radiologist’s part for performing or reading the exam. The hospital’s bill is generally for making the images, and the radiologist’s bill is for supervising, interpreting the images, and writing the report for your doctor.

There is a problem or question about my bill from Radiology Consultants. Who do I call?
You can call our billing office at 1-844-295-4873 or go the billing website here. Please do not call the hospital about your bill from Radiology Consultants, as they are not involved with our billing office.

How do I get a copy of my report?  
Radiology reports are kept at the hospital’s medical records department. You can call Boone Hospital at (573) 815-8000 and ask for Medical Records to get a copy of your report.

How do I make an appointment to see the radiologist? 
Generally, your doctor needs to refer you to the radiologist for a test or procedure. Patients can make their own appointments for mammograms at (573) 815-8150 or at Fitzgibbon Hospital at (660) 886-7431.

If I have a pacemaker or spinal stimulator, should I get an MRI?
It depends. Some newer devices can go in the MRI machine. If you have a pacemaker or spinal stimulator, you should have a patient information card with information about whether or not it is MRI safe.

Do I have to drink contrast before my exam?
Certain types of CTs may require you to drink contrast prior to the exam. You will be notified of this upon scheduling your exam.

What if I am scheduled for an imaging exam and have claustrophobia?
You should speak with your doctor’s office about this when they schedule the test. You might be a candidate for sedation or anesthesia, but this has to be arranged in advance. You can also ask to have your exam scheduled for the open MRI machine.

Why do results go to my doctor instead of directly to me?
Because your doctor is best equipped to answer your questions and use the results to help guide your overall care, radiology reports are sent directly to your doctor first. The Admissions desk at Boone Hospital can show you how to access your results on the Internet. You can also call Medical Records to obtain copies of your reports.

What is my risk of radiation exposure?
MRI and ultrasound do not use ionizing radiation. CT scans, X-rays, mammography, and fluoroscopic exams do give a small amount of radiation. This small dose is considered safe by scientific experts. Boone Hospital, Fitzgibbon Hospital, and Missouri Cancer Associates/Urology Associates have modern equipment that is designed to take pictures with the lowest radiation doses possible. You can visit www.imagewisely.org for more information.

What if I have an allergy to X-ray dye or contrast or iodine?
Many patients will allergies can still have an exam, but they have to take prescription medicine starting the day before to prevent a reaction.   To avoid a delay on the day of your exam, please let your doctor know in advance that you have allergies.