CT Angiogram (CTA)

The RCI radiologists working at Boone Hospital are able to examine a person’s vessels by performing a non-invasive test called a CT Angiogram. The study consists of taking intravenous contrast enhanced images of a person’s body and processing the images on a specialized computer to produce a 3 dimensional image of the vessel. The RCI radiologists are able to process the images, often with the help of the CT technologist, using a system call Vitoria Enterprise by Vital Images. These CTA images allow the radiologist and treating physician to examine the vessel from multiple angles, which can help the physicians make the correct diagnosis and aid in procedure or surgical planning to fix a problem detected on the images. Because it is a non-invasive study, the risks are low so it is a safer way to look at the vessels than a conventional angiogram.

Vessels that can be examined and possible pathology detected include the vessels of the heart to look for an area of narrowing, vessels of the legs looking for an area of narrowing, vessels of the brain looking for an aneurysm and the aorta looking for an aneurysm.