Fluoride PET-Bone Scan

A Sodium Fluoride CT-PET Bone Scan is a test that scans the entire skeletal system and produces images of the bones. These pictures are used to find abnormalities in bones associated with tumors. These tumors may have spread from other areas of the body like the breast or prostate. We currently offer this procedure at Boone Hospital Center, Missouri Cancer Associates, and Urology Associates.


  • To detect the spreading of cancer in bones

How to Prepare

  • No special preparation is needed for a bone┬áscan
  • You will need to remove all jewelry and other metal objects before the bone scan
  • Please tell the radiologist if you are pregnant or breastfeeding

What to Expect

  • Before the bone scan, you will have an IV injection
  • You will be asked to wait for about an hour and then lie down for the scan
  • The scan is only 30 minutes long and is painless
  • You should be able to resume normal activities right away with no after effects.


  • The images from the scan will be interpreted by the radiologist. They will pass along the results to your doctor.