3D Reconstruction Imaging

A CT scan uses x-rays and a computer to produce detailed 3D reconstruction imaging of joints and bones. This test is non-invasive and is usually an outpatient procedure. In some cases, an IV may be inserted to deliver a contrast dye into your veins.

Your doctor may order a CT scan with 3D Reconstruction Imaging to determine the best possible treatment for your injury. These images can be rotated, enlarged, and divided in any direction. The procedure is quick and painless.  Our facilities use modern software programs to create the 3D images.

How To Prepare:

  • Notify the technician of any allergies, and if you are pregnant or nursing.

What to Expect:

  •  You may be asked to remove clothing and other objects.
  • You might be given a gown to wear during the scan.
  • If a contrast dye is needed, you will receive the IV at this point.
  • The technician will leave the room while the scanner rotates around your body.
  • You will be able to see and communicate with the technician during the procedure.
  • Remain very still.

After the scan, you may be monitored for a period of time to make sure there aren’t any after effects from the contrast dye.