3D Mammogram

Harris Breast Center, located within the Center for Advanced Medicine at Boone Hospital offers 3D mammography for all patients.  Harris Breast Center has been on the cutting edge of technology for women’s health and was one of the first facilities in the US to offer 3D mammography for all breast exams soon after it was FDA approved in 2012.  3D mammography allows a closer look into the breast tissue by obtaining multiple small slices through the tissue much like a CT scan.  The exam takes only 15 seconds longer than a traditional mammogram and has been shown to detect additional cancers in all breast densities in addition to decreasing the number of false positive studies.  There is a slight increase in radiation dose with this exam, but it is within the standards set by law,  A recent development called C view will soon be added to this exam at Boone Hospital.  This technique will reduce the dose back to the baseline level of a standard digital mammogram.

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