Breast MRI

A breast MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) takes pictures of your breast using a powerful magnet. This test can show certain lumps and other problems with breast tissue that aren’t usually seen in a mammogram, ultrasounds, or CT Scans. A dye is used to highlight the abnormal tissue. Since there isn’t any radiation involved, it is completely safe.

The Harris Breast Center was one of the first facilities in the nation to introduce Breast MRI for screening and diagnosis.

Why a Breast MRI?

  • Beneficial for women who have an increased risk of breast cancer:
  • A family history of breast cancer
  • History of radiation treatment as a child
  • Certain gene changes
  • Determining the amount of cancer following a diagnosis
  • Used for monitoring during Chemotherapy
  • Monitoring lumpectomy sites in the years following treatment
  • Evaluating breast implants to detect possible ruptures

How Do I Prepare?

  • Wear loose clothing or the provided gown and be sure to remove any metal objects such as jewelry, belts, glasses, hair pins, etc.
  • Inform your technician of any health problems, claustrophobia, surgeries, or in the event you might be pregnant
  • Inform your technician about any medical or electronic devices implanted inside your body such as a heart valve, drug port, metal plates, etc.

What to Expect

The MRI machine is a long cylinder tube with a moveable platform inside. Before your exam, you will lie face down on the platform. The platform has openings for your breasts so they can be examined by the MRI without being compressed. An IV line will be inserted into your hand or arm to inject the dye.

Once the exam begins, you will need to remain relaxed and still for the best possible results. Inform the technician if you become uncomfortable. You will be tested in the MRI machine for thirty minutes to an hour. To reduce the loud sounds of the MRI machine, you can request earplugs or headphones with music.


A radiologist will evaluate the data gathered during your MRI testing and prepare a report of the findings. Your doctor will go over the reports and share the results with you. Depending on the clarity of the results and your specific situation, you may be called in for follow-up exams to monitor changes in your breast tissue.

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