Breast Ultrasound

A breast ultrasound exam uses sound waves to make a picture of your breast tissue to examine a lump or to check abnormalities found in a mammogram. This test can detect problems in places the MRI can’t reach. Ultrasounds are completely safe, painless, and short.

Why a Breast Ultrasound?

You may be asked to have a breast ultrasound if you have:

  • Any sort of symptoms in/on your breasts.
  • A lump.
  • Dense tissue that is difficult to examine during a traditional mammogram.
  • Breast cancer.
  • Any sort of breast procedure using a needle
  • A finding on the mammogram that needs more evaluation

How to Prepare:

Wear an easily removed top.  No special preparation is needed.  You may be asked to stay for an ultrasound if the radiologist sees something on the mammogram that needs more evaluation.

During the Ultrasound:

  • You will be asked to remove your top and to lie on your back with your hands above your head.
  • The technician will apply a warm gel to your breast.
  • A small hand held unit called a Transducer will be moved all around the surface of the breast being examined.
  • The attached computer transforms the sound waves into a picture on the screen. This picture is called a sonogram.
  • The procedure should be finished in under 30 minutes.


The radiologist will sometimes discuss the results with you before you go home.

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